OSNotts 2019


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OSNotts Brochure CoverMeanwhile, you can continue to view our 2019 events – when OVER 250 ARTISTS & MAKERS INVITED YOU TO VISIT THEIR STUDIOS & EVENTS IN NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

LINKED EXHIBITIONSAT RETFORD, MANSFIELD CENTRAL & BEESTON LIBRARIES (from 27 April to 6 June) – photographs of OSNotts artists & craftspeople in their studios & work spaces, taken by Neil Pledger. Courtesy of Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries.

Hilke Kurzke - venue 48 (Wollaton, Nottingham). Photo by Neil Pledger.Events over 6 weeks in May & early June were an opportunity to meet artists & makers and discover their work, often with demonstrations & other activities as part of the experience. Many offered refreshments or were near to one or more of Nottinghamshire’s wide range of café’s & pubs. With over 250 artists to meet at 64 venues, events took the form of:

  • Working Studios – individual artists opening their studio spaces.
  • Temporary workspaces in accessible venues – with small groups of artists demonstrating aspects of their practices.
  • Larger festival events.

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Event Listings:

Ann Robbins - venue 3 (Scrooby). Photo by Neil Pledger. Jackie Ward (Treehuggery) - venue 34 (Brinsley). Photo by Neil Pledger.

Jess Kemp - venue 53 (Sneinton Market). Photo by Neil Pledger. J C Middlebrook - venue 57 (Cotgrave). Photo by Neil Pledger.

Open Studios Notts and the groups running the events named in this brochure cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of the public visiting the studios. Members of the public do so entirely at their own risk. Children under 18 to be accompanied by an adult. Events are run by the groups/individuals named. All Information is correct at the time of going to press – Open Studios Notts will aim to post any variations that arise on the website. Otherwise, members of the public should contact the named groups/individuals for further information on any particular event. Please also note that cafes, pubs & restaurants named are not officially connected with Open Studios Notts but are highlighted purely for information.

We wish to thank Nottinghamshire County Council, Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries, & Nottingham City Council for the ongoing support that has made this initiative possible.

R – Refreshments at Venue
C – Café nearby
FW – Full Wheelchair access
PW – Partial Wheelchair access
NW – No wheelchair access