Exhibitions: Open Studios Notts 2019

27 April to 6 June – There are three LINKED EXHIBITIONS at Retford, Mansfield Central & Beeston Libraries (A-C on the map) – each with a different series of photographs of OSNotts artists & craftspeople in their studios & work spaces, as taken by Neil Pledger, alongside event information – courtesy of Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries. FREE Admission.

Retford, Mansfield Central & Beeston Library ExhibitionsThis is an exciting opportunity to meet, learn and visit local artists! The Open Studios Notts photography exhibitions highlight the work and workplaces of artists and craftspeople taking part in this year’s event.

The exhibition also acts as a signpost to all the other Open Studios events that are taking place during the months of May and June. Information, calendars and maps point visitors towards artists, groups and craftspeople who are opening their work places for all to visit. The images give glimpses behind the scenes at some of Nottinghamshire’s local talent, whether working in their living rooms, sheds or studios.

Photography by Neil Pledger.