This page highlights some art and craft venues and exhibition spaces in and around Nottinghamshire (and occasionally beyond) and points to some exhibitions that might be of interest. Like much in life, its not definitive.

“The arts … are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow …”, Kurt Vonnegut

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Covid-19 disrupted everyone’s ability to physically experience art – these are some online resources of the time, in no particular order:

Some Exhibitions: (Sort by clicking the column headings)

Start End Exhibition Venue
23/09/2022Billy Dosanjh [Traveller, Your Footprints]
Billy Dosanjh [Traveller, Your Footprints] Nottingham: New Art Exchange
23/09/2022Communities in Motion 22/01/2023 Communities in Motion
Nottingham: New Art Exchange
24/09/2022Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary
Hollow Earth: Art, Caves & The Subterranean Imaginary Nottingham Contemporary
08/10/2022Bryan-Day-Exhibition 14/01/2023 Paintings by Bryan Day Notts: Bassetlaw Museum, Retford
Henry Moore: Threads of Influence Derby: Museum of Making
29/10/2022Mohammad Barrangi: Playing in Wonderland
Mohammad Barrangi: Playing in Wonderland Leicester: Attenborough Arts Centre
12/11/2022Russell-Wilson-Birds-and-Beasts 29/01/2023 Russell Wilson: Birds and Beasts Nottingham: Lakeside Arts – Gallery Cafe
12/11/2022Barbara Laws: Nottingham Portraits 19/02/2023 Barbara Laws: Nottingham Portraits Nottingham: Lakeside Arts – Angear Visitor Centre
Sophie Ryder: Sculpture, Drawings, Prints
12/03/2023 Sophie Ryder: Sculpture, Drawings, Prints Nottingham: Lakeside Arts – Djanogly Gallery
26/11/2022Gunn-Ceramics 05/03/2023 Gunn Ceramics – Bypass Lincs: The Hub, Sleaford
26/11/2022Welcome to my World 19/03/2023 Welcome to My World – Ceramics with Narrative Lincs: The Hub, Sleaford
10/12/2022Open 33 - Susan Isaac with her Attenborough Prize-winning painting 20/01/2023 Open 33 Leicester: Leicester Museum & Art Gallery
14/01/2023Sue Stone - shifts-and-allusions
Sue Stone: Shifts and Allusions Lincs: The Hub, Sleaford
21/01/2023Cedar Lewisohn: Patois Banton
Cedar Lewisohn: Patois Banton Nottingham: Bonington Gallery (NTU)
28/01/2023Journey of the Mind
Journey of the Mind Nottingham: New Art Exchange
11/02/2023Carolyn Lazard: Long Take
Carolyn Lazard: Long Take Nottingham Contemporary
11/02/2023Rosalind Nashashibi: Hooks 07/05/2023 Rosalind Nashashibi: Hooks Nottingham Contemporary
11/02/2023Charlotte Johannesson 07/05/2023 Charlotte Johannesson Nottingham Contemporary
25/02/2023Where We Live
Where We Live
Nottingham: Lakeside Arts – Angear Visitor Centre
18/03/2023Design-Nation Nottinghamshire: Translating Nature
Design-Nation Nottinghamshire: Translating Nature
Lincs: The Hub, Sleaford
18/03/2023Emily Rickard: KnitWell
14/05/2023 Emily Rickard: KnitWell Lincs: The Hub, Sleaford
25/03/2023Emily Andersen: Somewhere Else Entirely
Emily Andersen: Somewhere Else Entirely Nottingham: Bonington Gallery (NTU)
29/04/2023OSNotts 04/06/2023 Open Studios Notts – Bringing Artists into View Notts (Inspire): Arnold, Beeston & Worksop Libraries