PLEASE NOTE – Although the physical open studio events for 2020 have been cancelled, you can continue to discover and support Nottinghamshire artists & makers in these ‘virtual studios’ and by exploring the OSNotts website.

Contemporary fine artist creating paintings drawings & installations.
Nottingham City Artists (1st floor), Hooton Street, Off Carlton Road, Carlton NG3 2NJ
07752 294247
i: differingstructures
f: differing
t: differing


I am currently engaged in a long term project based on the media. The work conveys my personal concern for the way the media around us manipulates and controls the people. We do not need half of what we are influenced to buy, for the benefit of the few. I am not anti capitalist simply anti greed. My current practice is mostly based around the idea of taking a commercial medium such as illustration and subverting and scaling it to a size so as to make it completely useless for its original purpose. Taking the control back to the creator and all the while poking fun at television and the media obsessed world we live in.

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Nicholas is 1 of 12 artists featured in an exhibition of photographs (by Neil Pledger) showing behind-the-scenes glimpses into the working worlds of a sample of Nottinghamshire artists and makers. Curated by Inspire: Culture Learning &  Libraries to accompany the Open Studios Notts events, the exhibition has been made available online from 24 April to 4 June, 2020.


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