Visit Karen (& guest) at her Open Studio on 20-21 May, 10-4 (Venue 13).

Baytree Cottage, Main Street, NORWELL  NG23 6JN

i: karenchesneypots
Emma Maylewith guest artist Emma Mayle (GLASS)

Studio: Old barns converted into pottery studio in 1991 with a recent gallery space added 2020.
Refreshments: tea, coffee, juice at studio (Pub in Norwell village and in neighbouring villages of Caunton, Bathley, Cromwell);  Partial Wheelchair Access: New gallery barn section is wheelchair accessible, then low threshold to main ‘throwing’ making area – accessible with care!

Contemporary thrown ceramics, making both functional everyday pots and individual sculptural forms / vessels.

Karen studied Ceramics at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham 1978 – 1981. Time since has been making pots and teaching art and design.  There have always been two strands to her work, both mainly wheel thrown. “The rhythm of making pieces, the joy of cooking, gathering around a table, passing around hand made pots has always been important to me. The functionality, the touch and aesthetic all combining in equal parts”. Karen’s inspiration for her sculptural pieces stem from nature, particularly the characteristics and profiles of birds. Simplified, abstracted forms are joined and balanced. Equilibrium and surface are fused with the playful use of materials. Silhouette and profile are key factors, along with negative spaces and ‘dialogue’ between them.

If you are interested in this work, please contact the artist directly through the links above.