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  • Jo is guesting at the Open Studio of Janet Gilbert on 11-12 June, 2022 (East Notts, venue 22).

I choose from a variety materials and forms – paper, paint, print, ink, fabric, to respond to what inspires me about the world around me and in my imagination.
Guesting at: 76 Main Street, LOWDHAM NG14 7BJ
♦ i: foxgloveandcowslip


I was a keen maker as a child, wanting always to create something exciting. As an adult, my passion for all things art-related grew and I have gained skills in various areas such as ceramics, horticulture, textiles, photography, painting, and printmaking.

During my career as a teacher of young children I loved the combination of their imaginations and my own passion for trying out many art forms. Retiring enabled me to do more of my own work. I’ve concentrated variously on textiles, painting, mixed media and print making. My prints have appeared as illustrations in our son’s books and novels. I sell my work through an online shop.


I’m lucky to have a studio at home, a comfortable room on the end of our cottage with doors and windows overlooking the garden. It contains my small printing press, sewing machine and painting paraphernalia. Being well used, it’s always very messy with work in progress, lots of things that inspire me, cats and far too many saved bits of paper.


I’ve been having fun making things for as long as I can remember. After a long teaching career I now work as an artist in my home studio which overlooks the garden and local countryside. I like to use a variety of techniques, including printmaking, painting, stitching and collage.

I particularly love folk art and the art of the mid 20th Century: abstract painting, print, illustration and textiles. I also enjoy finding vintage treasure to recycle. I’m a passionate gardener and my artwork features the things I love: the natural world, colour, texture and a whole host of things which capture my imagination.

If you are interested in this work, please contact the artist directly through the links above.


Inking up a collagraph plate for intaglio printing on the press:


Printing with plant material from the garden – first layer:


Multi layered plant monoprinting with the addition of relief printing in a concertina book: