OS Notts 2022 – Call for Artists

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    • Festival Fortnight 11 – 26 June 2022
    • Virtual Studio/profile pages for each participating artist on the OSNotts website – live from the beginning of May 2022 until April 2023.
    • Actual Open Studios during Festival Fortnight.
    • Inspire Libraries Exhibitions in three of the county’s libraries (from 23 April to 5 June) with the opportunity to be a featured artist in these exhibitions (see more below). The exhibitions will also promote all the open studio events.
    • Brochure.
    • Promotion through social media channels, the OS Notts email lists, and general publicity.
    • Marketing materials (brochure, posters, signage etc) for you to use.
    • Regular newsletters keeping you up to date, sharing resources, knowledge and tips.
    • ‘Making the most of your Open Studio’ knowledge bank (on Dropbox).
  • FEES
    • £45 for an individual artist (an individual entry for the artist on the website and brochure, to include a ‘virtual studio’ entry on the website for one year).
    • £120 for a small group (an entry for up to 10 artists in one venue, single entry on website and in brochure with list of artists names but no details given for individuals).
    • £150 for a festival (an entry for a large arts event with multiple artists and activities involved, single entry on website and in brochure giving broad details of the festival).

Register to take part:

Individual Artist:

  • Complete Artists Registration Form by 10 January 2022 extended to 24 January 2022 (must be completed by this date to be considered for the Inspire Exhibition opportunity).
  • An ‘Artists Virtual Studio Form‘ will then be emailed to registered artists – which is to be completed and submitted by 31 January 2022 extended to 14 February 2022.

Groups/Festivals – please contact us directly.

Please read the form carefully as there are additional fields to fill in this year – please also continue reading below for more information …

Introducing Open Studios 2022 Festival Fortnight. Applications are open!!

2022 is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year and we hope it’s going to be a positive and uplifting one! There is a lot going on nationally and locally to celebrate and we have been giving deep thought as to how to make the best of this for Open Studios 2022.

We are also giving thought to, and seeking advice on, how Open Studios can develop into the future, and continue to deliver on its mission of bringing artists into view in a sustainable way for all involved.  That’s for 2023 and beyond but the thinking needs to start now.

In the meantime we wanted to make 2022 a special year for Open Studios given that we couldn’t celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2021 in quite the style we would have liked.

So we have decided on an Open Studios Festival Fortnight.

Dates: Festival Fortnight 11 – 26 June

The Jubilee weekend is 2-5 June and the late May bank holiday has been moved to Friday 2 June. We have set the dates for a Festival Fortnight for Open Studios to follow on from the Jubilee weekend, so it will run from Saturday 11 June to Sunday 26 June, covering three weekends.

During the Festival Fortnight you can open your studios on whichever days you like – one weekend, two weekends or all three weekends and on weekdays if you wish. You’ll be prompted to put the dates you plan to open on your application form.

Festival Fortnight Themes

Sherwood Young ArtistsWe are inviting you to put forward your ideas on how we can make this interesting, special or participatory – it does not have to be linked to the Jubilee. We are looking for ideas that create a good story for social media and publicity as well as being fun for artists to do/participate in.

Please contact us with your ideas -as an email with ‘Festival Fortnight Themes’ in the subject line.


Inspire Libraries Exhibitions (23 April to 5 June 2022)

OS Notts past studiosWould you like to be a featured artist in the ‘Open Studios Notts: Bringing Artists Into View’ exhibitions with Inspire, which highlights the work and workplaces of artists and craftspeople taking part in OS Notts 2022? We are very grateful for Inspire once again offering this opportunity.

    • The exhibitions will be in three libraries (Arnold, Mansfield Central & Worksop) from Sat 23 April to Sun 5 June 2022.
    • Each exhibition will be a mix of photographs and artwork by selected artists (each selected artist being part of a single exhibition) – the idea being to offer visitors a fascinating insight into the working worlds of nearby Notts artists and makers.
    • The exhibitions will also show information about where to visit all the Open Studios in Nottinghamshire.
    • The selected artists will also receive a set of professional photographs for their own use.