Discover and support Nottinghamshire artists & makers in these ‘virtual studios’ and by exploring the OSNotts website – if physical visits become possible these will be announced here and on our social media channels.

Monday Art will be guests at Jeannie Clark‘s planned open studio event on 29-31 May (BH) & 5-6 June, 10 to 5 (see below for more info).


We are a local art class meeting online via Zoom , with our tutor, Jeannie. We’ve met the challenge of lockdown by exploring new themes, experimenting with the possibilities of different media and sharing our work and creative ideas with each other. We are: Fiona Aitken, Ann Hardwick, Angela Mulholland & Julie King.

Open Studio: Guests of Jeannie Clark in her VIRTUAL OPEN STUDIO on 29-31 May (BH), 5-6 June, 10 to 5.

Fiona Aitken

I aim to get the physical feeling of whatever I am observing for a picture. A bit like sculpting something but on a flat surface. Sometimes subjects change their quality as I’m drawing or painting them; I like to follow that movement and see where it takes me rather than predetermining overly much where I end up. Using mixed media, the process is as important as the end result. I enjoy doing portraits, flowers/ seed heads, still life or abstract work.

Ann Hardwick

I’ve been investigating tone and trying out the effects of different media. In the close up of a feather, for example, I built up layers from a charcoal base, adding more marks in pencil, charcoal and pen, then establishing the lightest areas by removing charcoal with a rubber and adding details with white chalk and white pencil.

Angela Mulholland

  • ‘Breakwaters, Nature reclaiming its own’ (photograph) – I took this photograph as I felt it shows the many tonal and textural variations within this beach scene. My eye was drawn to the Breakwater structure in the foreground leading into the distance and the way the light reflects in the pooling and patterns of the water, sand and rocks. I felt when I looked at this photograph that I was looking at the beauty of Nature and its strength, wearing away the man-made Breakwaters, Nature reclaiming its own.
  • ‘Family’ (Watercolour, oil pastels, pencils, pen and charcoal) – The painting is mixed media and shows three Family members sitting on a beach in Peru. The work is from a photograph of the three taken by another Family member. I was interested in the positions of each of the three people and how their bodies and clothes related to each other. I layered the media onto paper then used my fingers, an eraser and palette knife to remove and blend.

Julia King

On retirement I developed my love of art by attending every art class going. I learn by having a go at everything and am inspired by nature and the work of “proper” artists.


Open Studio: Guests of Jeannie Clark in her VIRTUAL OPEN STUDIO on 29-31 May (BH), 5-6 June, 10 – 5.

Here is a conversation between Jeannie and members of the group …