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Judy is planning an open studio event on 22-23 May, 11 to 5 (see below for more info).

Judy StevensonCERAMICS
Thrown tableware & decorative stoneware pots & hand formed stoneware beaded necklaces with interesting organic surfaces.
Croft House, High Street, Misson, Doncaster DN10 6ED

I am a retired Dentist. I went to a ceramics class in Welbeck for a couple of years but sadly the class had to close. I set up my own studio at home in a wooden single garage. It is small but enough room for my wheel & kiln. I spend hours in my studio especially during lock down.

My work is mainly thrown stoneware tableware/householdware & decorative pots & I love making necklaces & brooches. I use commercial glazes & try to make the surfaces of my work interesting & colourful.

My pots are fired in an electric kiln. I have been making pots for about 6 years.


My studio is a single wooden garage in the drive of my home. Originally it was a large garden shed – now it is my studio. It is quite small but big enough for my wheel & kiln & lots of pots! I have MS so the studio being close to the house is ideal.



I mainly make thrown pots using stoneware clay. Household items & decorative pots. I also make stoneware bead necklaces & some brooches. I use stamps I have made & commercial slips & glazes to give my pots interesting & colourful surfaces. I fire in an electric kiln.

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Open Studio: 22-23 May, 11 to 5

  • Croft House is down a short lane opposite the White Horse Pub.
  • Full wheelchair access – but studio is small; entrance is OK but not much room inside for a wheelchair.
  • Tea, coffee & cake if restrictions allow.