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Ruby is planning an open studio event on 22-23 May & 29-31 May (BH), 10am to 5pm (see below for more info).

Ceramics, guided by ancient folklore and natural forms, an effort to translate the transience of nature into the permanence of the pot.
5 The Corner, Lowdham NG14 7AE
i: ru677

Ruby first encountered ceramics while studying an Art Foundation in Nottingham in 2016. She specialised in the medium and was awarded a distinction for her final project, a triptych of figurative water fountains. During her degree, she maintained her practice as a potter-in-training at Illyria Pottery in Oxford. After graduating in 2020, she spends most her time in her workshop in her family home in Nottingham. Ruby was drawn to ceramics for its physicality. She cares hugely about the value of physical, hand-built craft and understands it as essential in maintaining and honouring our roots.


Ruby’s studio space is a small conservatory room. She works surrounded by the foliage and wildlife in her garden, and often carves the shapes of the plants and trees around her into her work.


Ruby’s work communicates ancient folkloric symbols through narrative imagery, a modest tactile surface and the layering of opacity and translucency. Her decorative technique is reminiscent of lino prints, another medium she loves. Recently she has been keenly interested in the myths told by trees and rivers.

If you are interested in this work, please contact the artist directly through the links above.


Open Studio: 22-23 May, 29-31 May (BH), 10am to 5pm

  • No wheelchair access.
  • Nearby cafe a 5 minute walk away, and pubs which serve drinks and food all along the main street.

Th following short comic describes a decorative technique that you will be able to see on a lot of Ruby’s work. After building a pot, Ruby brushes a coloured slip onto its surface which she then carves away to reveal the raw clay underneath, thereby creating a two tone design. The finished result has been likened to block printing and post-impressionist painting. Have fun following the comic and making some funky pots! Remember there is no ‘right’ way; experiment, learn, make!