PLEASE NOTE – Although the physical open studio events for 2020 have been cancelled, you can continue to discover and support Nottinghamshire artists & makers in these ‘virtual studios’ and by exploring the OSNotts website.

Large scale contemporary drawings & printmaking. Ideas develop when working from observation, dance, poetry, dreams & chance.
Drayton Street Studio, 29 Drayton Street, Sherwood NG5 2JR
07938 972502
i: clark.jeannie
t: ClarkOlwyn

Observed sketches inform all of Jeannie’s work, these are then adapted by imagination, accidental events, expressive loose marks, and importantly poetry. Jeannie studied at St Martins School of Art exploring design and illustration. She is currently developing large scale fine art prints on her lovely Hawthorn etching press. Jeannie is both an artist and educator with 40 years of teaching experience in design, drawing, printmaking, and painting.

Maria Kidulis - link

Photographer MARIA KIDULIS was to have been Jeannie’s open studio guest – click on the image to see her work.


When I’m working my studio can look chaotic, however there is a functional artful order to my studio space. Chaos keeps my work alive and order helps me achieve results.


The core joy of making a print or painting has always spurred me on, directed me to attempt to innovate in some small way. I make drawings, doodles, gouache paintings as sketches, but as a printmaker I often need to reinterpret an image. Without transferring these drawings into print and then advancing them beyond the initial idea or proof, an idea remains unresolved or undiscovered.

If you are interested in this work, please contact the artist directly through the links above.


In this video, Jeannie Clark describes her working process in the making of a print, in this case a collagraph.

Jeannie Clark activities linkClick the image (left) to see Jeannie’s online activities page – including a video guide to collagraph printing making and opportunities for online zoom workshops.