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Sarah Manton profile (by Thomas Griffiths)PAPERCUTTING (SCHERENSCHNITTE)
I create papercuts by hand using a scalpel, specialising in flora, fauna & portraits of ‘heroes’ from music, film & sport.
07969 351658
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Sarah Manton specialises as a designer/maker of handcrafted papercuts (scherenschnitte) and lasercut artworks, particularly botanical themes and portrait pieces of ‘heroes’ from the worlds of music, film and sport.

With a background in marketing and education and a life-long passion for making, Sarah launched her own creative practice 10 years ago in the heart of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. With her studio partner, Jess Kemp, she owns Curious Nottingham in Sneinton Market Avenues; working studios for both artists and home of ‘The Curious Perambulator‘, the unique mobile arts and crafts experience to share the joy of creativity with the masses.


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Described as ‘an assault on the senses, but in a good way’ by one visitor, my studio surrounds me with a chaotic mix of colours, textures, ephemera and photographs, which feed my creative soul. The Sneinton Market Avenues buildings were opened as the city’s wholesale fruit market in 1938.


I enjoy the cathartic process of cutting into paper with a scalpel. The time can only be dedicated to the act of papercutting alone, as any external distractions could result in catastrophic mistakes in the work or the loss of a digit!