PLEASE NOTE – Although the physical open studio events for 2020 have been cancelled, you can continue to discover and support Nottinghamshire artists & makers in these ‘virtual studios’ and by exploring the OSNotts website.

Contemporary abstract paintings created with layers of subtle texture, sophisticated colours & innovative mark making.
5 Burgage Garden Studios, Burgage, Southwell NG25 0EP
07812 145988
i: gilledwardsstudio
f: Gill Edwards Studio

Gill trained in Textile Design at Loughborough College of Art and has had a successful career in textile design for high end interiors. After early retirement in July 2019 she now works full time as an artist. Gill works mostly in acrylics and has a passion for pattern, vessels, colour, mark making and texture. Her paintings are built up from many layers and then scratched through and sanded to reveal some hidden history. Gill works intuitively and her paintings are unplanned until the final stages. Inspiration often comes through travel and a love of ceramics.


Gill’s main studio is in a converted stable block with other artists in nearby units. It is cold in the winter but offers her lots of space. Since isolation started she is now working in her small, warm studio at home, just off the roof terrace.

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Gill is 1 of 12 artists featured in an exhibition of photographs (by Neil Pledger) showing behind-the-scenes glimpses into the working worlds of a sample of Nottinghamshire artists and makers. Curated by Inspire: Culture Learning &  Libraries to accompany the Open Studios Notts events, the exhibition has been made available online from 24 April to 4 June, 2020.


Gill’s paintings are mostly abstract although sometimes influenced by her collection of ceramic vessels. Colour, pattern and mark making are all an exciting part of the intuitive process which brings Gill’s paintings to life. Gill’s current work is exploring the juxtaposition of shapes and marks.

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