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03 Ann RobbinsCERAMICS
Reduction fired, functional, stoneware pottery. Member of Sherwood Forest Wood Firing Society.
Scrooby DN10 6AD
07710 423108
i: Salting House Pots

Following a full family life and career in IT delivering computer systems to Cochlear Implant centres across the UK Ann retired ten years ago. Potting soon became a private obsession and she gained experience from wherever it could be found. After two years she had set up a workshop and settled on reduction fired stoneware. Ann now makes functional pots for use in the kitchen using a reduction body clay and a range of glazes developed to shine in her gas fired kiln. She is also a member of Thoresby wood-firing society where her work is exposed to the magic of wood ash.


Ann works in an old salting house built around 1890 to house a couple of pigs and process their bacon. Two rooms have been converted into a pottery with room to prepare, throw and glaze the pots. Glaze samples hang from the ceiling, a small fireplace provides some heat. The gas kiln is 100 yds away in an open ended wooden barn.


Ann makes pots for the kitchen – plates, pasta bowls, oil jars, jugs and mugs, lasagne and pie dishes, mixing bowls, coffee and tea pots, tiles for the kitchen or bathroom. Her glazes have been developed using oxides of cobalt, iron and tin to produce complex effects when exposed to reduction firing using either gas or wood flames.