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  • Visit Steve at his open studio on 18-19 June, 10-5.
    • Partial Wheelchair Access.

Hand carved green wood spoons, bowls, pots, made from locally sourced English hardwoods.
17 Garden Road, Bingham NG13 8GB
i: stevewoodworker
f: SteveHuntwoodworker


Hand carved items made from cherry, apple, plum, beech, hawthorn, chestnut and rowan have been used for centuries as useful and beautiful things for every home.

Nowadays thousands of tons of wood are left on the ground to rot, chipped for compost, or buried in landfill. I am exploring how I can use my own designs to create useful and sculptural items from found, rescued and donated materials. My insect hotels and bird nesting boxes are made from reclaimed timber – donated by friends and neighbours or found abandoned or discarded as rubbish. There is a story behind everything I make.

My bowls, spatulas and spoons are normally made from green wood. I do not use any power tools or machinery, only traditional hand tools – adze, gouges, chisels and a wood carving knife. In my bowls, I adapt Scandinavian designs and try to achieve a balanced, pleasing shape that is practical, traditional and well-proportioned.

I have made many commissioned pieces and like to explore using found materials, carving wood while it is still green or recently cut. I love making memento pieces from much loved trees that have to be removed or have been brought down by the wind.


My studio is a converted concrete garage. No heating, no insulation, well ventilated: just right for wood to dry slowly.


I work mainly with green wood, found, donated by friends, rescued from skips. I carve spoons, bowls and shrink pots using only hand tools, some of which are very old. My woodenware is designed to be used in the kitchen and to be elegant additions to any home.

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