Discover & support Nottinghamshire artists & makers in these ‘virtual studios’, plus by exploring the OSNotts website and by visiting them in their studios and workplaces around the county & city on the dates stated.

  • Visit JC Middlebrook at her Open Studio on 25-26 June, 2022 (11-5) (South Notts venue 45).
    • Refreshments – Tea & Coffee on request
    • No Wheelchair Access – access through garden so uneven surfaces to negotiate.

Jayne ChildsTEXTILES
Textile art, exploring light and shadow through the medium of lace.
16 Risegate, COTGRAVE NG12 3JF
i: jcmiddlebrook
f: JCMNotts
t: jcmiddlebrook
y: JayneChilds


I’m an artist working with lace. I’ve been in business since 2010 (wow!) and in that time I’ve further developed my knowledge of and passion for machine-made lace. My research into machine-made Nottingham lace has shown me that although machines did the actual making, many skilled hands were involved before it was ready to leave the factory. I feel like I’m channelling that heritage; my lace is drawn, digitised, made (by machine) and finished in my Nottinghamshire studio.


My studio is in a garden outbuilding, south facing so gets sunlight for most of the day. It’s not always super-tidy, but it’s my studio and my mess! I draw my designs, often in a sketchbook, then transfer to a computer and use CAD type software to create a design for my machines to stitch out.


People buy my lace as gifts for themselves or others, for the home or to wear. Lace anniversary (the 13th, lucky for some!) presents are an important part of my range. But lace isn’t just romantic, it can be edgy, sensual, and strong. Some amazing men wear my neck lace accessories.

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How to wear JC Middlebrook pendant style NeckLace: