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  • Find Clare as a guest of Hilke Kurzke at her Open Studio on 25-26 June, 2022 (11-5) (Nottingham South, venue 36).
    • Refreshments – Tea & Coffee on request
    • No Wheelchair Access – access through garden so uneven surfaces to negotiate.

PRINTMAKINGClare Morgan - Curious Inky Me
Textile art, exploring light and shadow through the medium of lace.
Guest at: Wash House Studio, 9 Bridge Road, WOLLATON NG8 2DG
i: curiousinkyme
f: curiousinkyme2.0
t: curiousinkyme1


I’m Clare Morgan, a fine art printmaker and teacher. I create empowering portraits that encourage reflection, empathy and calm.

My current practice came out of having survived blood cancer, initially a reminder for myself as I tried to hold onto my own lessons, but over time I realised that it is a powerful way to encourage and connect with others.

Working in lino, I love leaving evidence of the process, marks create life and energy. I want to share work with you that celebrates strength and vulnerability, acknowledging that everything is impermanent, imperfect and incomplete and that is beautiful.


I currently work in my attic studio at home, its a dedicated space that I’ve crafted over the years to do everything I need it too … its small but perfectly formed. It has areas for wrapping, printing, and storage. My prints hand from the ceiling to dry and then stored in archive boxes with acid free tissue paper.


Mindful figures in nature. Lino cut printmaking, hand pulled on Japanese papers.

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