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Helen is planning an open studio event on 5-6 June, 10 to 5 (see below for more info).

Contemporary sterling silver leaf and seed pod jewellery, hand crafted in Nottingham.
119 Brookhill St, Stapleford NG9 7GJ
f: Helen Domleo Jewellery
t: HelenDomleo

  • Helen Domleo makes leaf and seedpod jewellery from eco silver.
  • She worked at the Africana Museum in Johannesburg, before studying at WITS University and travelling to Australia and South East Asia where she studied silver smithing in Indonesia and in Johannesburg.
  • Helen worked on early Hominid sites in Gauteng and at MuseuMAfricA where she was head of the African Art and Archaeology collections. Her fieldwork in South Africa and Northern Namibia allowed her to collect seedpods and leaves which still inspire her work.
  • Helen made jewellery in Africa before moving to Nottingham and setting up a studio here in 2005.


Helen Domleo’s studio is a room in her home and has a large workshop for up to 6 students. It is a bright and airy space where she spends her time texturing and hammering the eco silver she uses to create her fold formed seedpods and delicate textured leaves.


Helen’s work is inspired by leaves and seedpods. Her work is crafted out of textured and hammered silver which is then sawn and shaped either into delicately patterned leaves of fold formed into seedpod shapes.

Once the basic shapes are sculpted they have hand crafted findings which are added in a sympathetic manner that enhance the beauty of the work.

If you are interested in this work, please contact the artist directly through the links above.



Open Studio: 5-6 June, 10 to 5

  • No wheelchair access


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  1. I am texturing the silver by running it though the rolling mill and imprinting the fabric onto the metal.
  2. The silver is then folded over using a rawhide mallet before being cut to the correct shape for hammering
  3. The silver is hammered half way across the width of the piece so that it stretches and curves to create an interesting seed pod or leaf shape when opened.
  4. Annealing the silver to soften it so that the piece can be opened up to reveal the completed shape.
  5. Opening up the seedpod using a combination of burnishers and pliers to finally shape the seedpod. After this it will be filed to refine the shape before having a hand-made finding sculptured and soldered onto the seedpod. It is then pickled to remove the black before polishing it so that it piece can finally come to life.