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David is planning an open studio event on Thu 10 June & Sat 12 June, 10 to 4 (see below for more info).

David Fowkes creates unique, handmade jewellery exhibiting the highest standard of craftsmanship.
The Courtyard Thoresby Park, Newark Notts NG22 9EP
i: davidfowkesjewellery
f: DavidFowkesJewellery
01623 823969

The David Fowkes Jewellery brand is synonymous with gems of exceptional quality, cut to perfection and set in unique designs. Every piece of David Fowkes Jewellery has been individually created, using ancient stone cutting methods, and a combination of both traditional and innovative techniques. David Fowkes Jewellery is hand-made to perfection: a statement of uniquity, exceptional craftsmanship, and creative excellence. David’s work translates as a piece of art and a feast for the eyes: the ultimate pleasure to wear.

After completing compulsory education, David Fowkes undertook his academic studies in Liverpool, reading Silversmithing and Jewellery alongside Physical Education. He taught in school for two years, before deciding to leave the UK and explore the world by bicycle. Over seven years he travelled widely, experiencing the bustle of Istanbul, the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies and the open expanse of the Arctic Circle. David was fortunate to work with artisan jewellers across the globe, learning a vast array of techniques and processes. These experiences influenced the philosophy of design that we see in David’s work today.

On his return to the UK, David undertook a series of appointments with UK based jewellers and silversmiths to hone and refine his skills, before launching his own business in the late 1980s. Over the last thirty years, David has drawn from his subsequent encounters and experiences to further develop a style of jewellery with a particular passion for the unconventional: perhaps a reflection of the route taken to become a goldsmith!


David and his team work in the peaceful settings of rural Nottinghamshire. Their iconic gallery is located in a picturesque Coach House within Thoresby Courtyard, 20 miles north of Nottingham. The idyllic Thoresby Estate surroundings offer the perfect environment to focus on clean, elegant design, working on modern day treasures away from the hustle of city life. They create jewellery for men and women, through bespoke client commission. As you will see, every piece of David Fowkes Jewellery is hand-made to perfection: a statement of uniquity, exceptional craftsmanship, and creative excellence.



David works with some of the finest, coloured gemstones in the world. Over two decades he has established exclusive working relationships with his stonecutters. They travel to mines across the world to source raw materials: tourmalines are sourced from Africa, South America and Asia; one of David’s favourite gemstones, the Oregon sunstone, is mined in incredibly tough conditions in the harsh Oregon desert. David’s gemstones are difficult to find, often requiring tonnes of rough material to be explored to find one outstanding crystal. David’s design work starts from this pure, untouched raw material. His vision for his jewellery designs evolve as he examines the rough, uncut stone. He takes the first step in the design process by identifying innovative and unique gemstone material and leads the cutters to expose the true beauty of the gemstones.

If you are interested in this work, please contact the artist directly through the links above.


Open Studio: Thu 10 June & Sat 12 June, 10 to 4

  • Full wheelchair access.

Meanwhile here is a brief virtual gallery tour: