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Christopher Marrows - profileACRYLIC PAINTING & PRINTMAKING
2D artwork in a variety of media, including Relief & Intaglio Printmaking, Acrylic Painting plus Pen & Ink Drawing.
46 Lyndhurst Rd, Sneinton NG2 4FX
07873 102330
f: stopcockpress

Following a varied working life, most of which had an art or craft bias, as a practitioner, teacher or student, I am now working as an artist printmaker with an output of mono and limited edition prints, employing intaglio, relief and collagraph techniques.


My studio is in the cellar of my home, roomy, although cold in winter, it does have a solid floor to support my etching press. It is a work in progress! As my work develops, so does my studio.


I create limited edition and mono prints including, dry point engraving and collagraph. Other 2D work is a variety of drawing, pen, ink and wash! Inspiration for these comes from coastlines and townscapes, with a limited palette of colour.

If you are interested in this work, please contact the artist directly through the links above.


Christopher Marrows - Positioning of plate on press, before printing

Christopher Marrows – Positioning of plate on press, before printing