PLEASE NOTE – Although the physical open studio events for 2020 have been cancelled, you can continue to discover and support Nottinghamshire artists & makers in these ‘virtual studios’ and by exploring the OSNotts website.

Stella in studio - Stella ChadwickSTAINED GLASS
Stained glass in many forms – leaded panels, fused pieces & earrings, small sculptures, objects. Original & full of joy.
104 Foxhall Road, Forest Fields, Nottingham NG7 6LH
07905 283343
i: crackingglass
f: Cracking Glass

On 23, 24 & 25 May, Stella will be running Facebook live sessions at 11am, 1pm and 4pm on all 3 days – find her on this Facebook event.

Stella Chadwick has worked and played with coloured glass for over 20 years as well as with a violin as a musician! Her preferred medium is leaded panels, both traditional and contemporary, and she loves the challenge of designing to a variety of locations and styles. Colour, like music, has a very personal resonance.

The Open Studios is the perfect way to view her work as mostly her work ends up installed in a selection of private locations, but by visiting her home and studio (‘virtually’ this year) you can see a selection of the work she has done when trying out new techniques.

Stella Chadwick - StudioSTELLA CHADWICK – STUDIO

Stella’s studio is a room in her house and she also has lots of glass throughout the house. This includes leaded panels, contemporary and traditional; encapsulated panels, panels which include fused sections, or stones, a fused splashback, tiles, small sculptures, free-standing items, fused glass jewellery and upcycled suncatchers.


Stella works with coloured glass making high quality, individually designed and hand-built leaded panels. She also makes fused glass jewellery, 3-D quirky sculptures and uses leftover pieces of glass to make vases, flowers and other objects. Her work carries lightness and joy, helping us appreciate life.


I am in the process of building a panel for my internal front door, wanting to design a panel in keeping with the era of the house. I’ve used images taken from the surrounding original glass panels and run with it a little. I started by designing and placing the design motifs on the actual door. Next I cut out all the glass pieces to the full size design. Now I am building the pieces like a jigsaw, putting lead cames between each piece of glass to provide a frame. When that is all done I will solder the lead pieces together, fill the cames with putty to stop the window rattling, chip out the old glass and place it in the door… PHEW!

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