PLEASE NOTE – Although the physical open studio events for 2020 have been cancelled, you can continue to discover and support Nottinghamshire artists & makers in these ‘virtual studios’ and by exploring the OSNotts website.

Colourful paintings based on landscapes & often developed into more abstracted works, with collage & other media.
St. Albans Road, Arnold NG5 6GW
07908 920752
f: Sn Amarajyoti

I trained in Art and Design in the 60s, attending Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds Art Colleges. I started to paint more seriously in 2012, initially in oils then moving on to acrylics. Each piece I create has its own momentum and I spend a lot of time reflecting at each stage of the process.

For me painting is a meditative experience.


Amarajyoti - Studio

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Amarajyoti is 1 of 12 artists featured in an exhibition of photographs (by Neil Pledger) showing behind-the-scenes glimpses into the working worlds of a sample of Nottinghamshire artists and makers. Curated by Inspire: Culture Learning &  Libraries to accompany the Open Studios Notts events, the exhibition has been made available online from 24 April to 4 June, 2020.


Colour is the overriding influence in my work. I start with a wide brush mark on a blank surface and the choice of colour is lifted from a mood or from landscape sketches made on my travels. From this initial brush stroke the painting develops. Then I might use collage or apply more colour – adding or removing, working with a variety of tools. Once started I feel my way into the process by looking and being still; always totally involved in the experience of applying colour and creating shape, form and texture.

Currently my work has become more abstracted and may include mixed media. However my overriding passion, in painting, is still colour…

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Amarajyoti - Deluge Series