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I enjoy painting landscapes and abstract compositions. In my work I find the interaction between landscape, emotion, process and the finished art work. I work in acrylics and mixed media to create colourful paintings. My approach to painting can be described as intuitive.

Venue: St Luke’s House, 71 Friar Ln, Nottingham NG1 6DH
f: alexart

I completed my BA in Plastic and Decorative Arts at National University of Arts Bucharest in 2008. I am an exhibiting member of Nottingham Society of Artists and an Art Instructor.


My studio is my private sanctuary, and while I enjoy showing people my methods, materials and equipment, I prefer to do my creative work on my own. I have converted a room from my rented house to become the space I need to create my art.


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I am painting alla prima, mixing the acrylics directly on the canvas surface, working fast in rapid strokes, letting the freedom of the moment influence my work. The process involves applying layers of paint with a large brush, constantly assessing until aesthetic emotions are achieved. My work is characterised by a strong sense of colour, bold brush strokes and layers of contrasting hues. Sometimes I do like to work on a textured surface so I take into consideration aspects of the preparation process.


Open Studio: 22-23 May, 10 to 4

  • Venue: Nottingham Society Of Artists Gallery – St Luke’s House, 71 Friar Ln, Nottingham NG1 6DH
  • Refreshments will be available.
  • Partial wheelchair access

As an abstract artist, a lot of the paintings I create use a texture base on the canvas before I start painting. This painting texture can be added in any thickness to give the impression that I have used an impasto paint technique or just to build an almost 3D base to my paintings. I make marks and patterns in the texture by taking into consideration the rule of thirds to place them and I use different tools to apply them, like spatula, scraper, squeegee or a palette knife. Some interesting marks are created – cracks and crevices which are going to be filled with paint. The texture is left to dry for 24 hours or longer if a heavy or thick texture is used.

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In abstract art, a particular texture is useful underneath the painting so that I can bring out different colours and show all the layers of paint. Layers give depth to the painting. I let the layers of paint dry between coats so I can scratch back to reveal the previous color. The painting must have good movement, balance and rhythm to carry the painting.

I varnish the painting with a satin or a gloss water base varnish to protect the surface and to bring out the colours.