North Clifton, Thorney & Collingham

Clare Watson12. CLARE WATSON
26-28 May (BH), 10-5
WATERCOLOUR – Vibrant, loose, mainly watercolours, experimenting with techniques and textures.
The Old Stables, Off Church Lane, North Clifton NG23 7AP
07790 158176 |


Peter Snowden13. PETER SNOWDEN
26-28 May (BH), 10-5
CERAMICS – Decorative and practical tableware pottery, hand-made in Nottinghamshire from stoneware and porcelain.
The Old Hall, Main Street, Thorney, NG23 7BS
07860 233202 |
Throwing demonstrations and explanations of the making process. Gardens also open.


Jo Slone14. JO SLONE
26-28 May (BH), 10-5
CERAMICS – Hand made slab and coil pots, tiles and other ceramic objects inspired by the artist’s unique perspective.
Potters Cottage, 12 Woodhill Road, Collingham NG23 7NR
01636 893877 |
Demonstration of creation of a slab dish.

Mandy Bray15. MANDY BRAY
26-28 May (BH), 10-5
PRINTMAKING AND MIXED-MEDIA – Limited edition prints, exploring colour, shape and pattern. Bespoke architectural lino-cut prints to commission.
Summercourt, 5 Queen Street, Collingham NG23 7NJ
07941 525985 | f: mandybrayartist

Jean Wright16. JEAN WRIGHT
26-28 May (BH), 10-5
SCREEN-PRINTS, WATERCOLOUR AND OIL PAINTING – depicting colourful interiors, landscapes, nature and people.
43 Low Street, Collingham NG23 7LS
01636 892876


Kate Wood17. KATE WOOD
26-28 May (BH), 10-5
TEXTILES – Woven images of local scenes using wool spun from local sheep & images of the outer hebrides woven in wool spun on the islands & bordered in matching Harris tweed.
The School House, 17 Station Road Collingham NG23 7RA
07936 448167 | f: Kate wood art and designs
Weaving and spinning may be demonstrated during the day.

Lynne Lamb18. LYNNE LAMB
19-20 & 26-28 May (BH), 10-5
PAINTING, PRINTMAKING & MIXED MEDIA – Myths & legends with a contemporary twist. Papier-mâché creatures and a whole cast of beings people my work. Nature is my starting point.
Yewtree Farmhouse, 20 The Green, Collingham NG23 7LQ
01636 893041 | f: lynne.lambarts

Nick Lamb19. NICK LAMB
19-20 & 26-28 May (BH), 10-5
COLOURED PENCILS, OIL & CHALK PASTELS, MIXED MEDIA – Landscapes, Trees and personal interpretations of Myths and Legends.
11 The Green, Collingham NG23 7LQ
07970 123066 |

Ingrid Wiggins20. INGRID WIGGINS
26-28 May (BH), 10-5
PAINTING & LINO CUT – Exploring figurative themes inspired by poetry and personal experience.
Thicketts, 15 Church Street, Collingham NG23 7LH
07805 975456 |
Work in progress demonstrated in the studio.

Maxwell Neale21. MAXWELL NEALE
5-7 (BH), 19-20 & 26-28 May (BH), 2-3 June, 10-5
OIL-ACRYLIC-WATERCOLOUR PAINTING & PASTELS – My work is varied but includes land/seascapes, wildlife, buildings and the human form.
The Burnt House, 3 Westfield Lane, Collingham NG23 7LN
07802 758430 |