Group Registration Form

Please note:

  • Group entry is an option for several artists (up to about 10) at a single venue – it has a single entry in the brochure/website describing the event as a whole in up to 60 words, with up to 2 images for the group. 
  • For artists showing at the same venue but each requiring their own brochure/website entry, each artist needs to submit an individual artist registration at the individual fee rate.
  1. Make sure you have read about what is involved in the Call for Artists (and you can download this as a pdf document: OSN 2018 – Call for Artists).
  2. COMPLETE & SUBMIT THE REGISTRATION FORM BELOW & PAY THE FEE of £60by 8 JAN 2018 (extended to 18 JAN 2018). (Note it may be possible to accept late applications – but an additional fee will be due of £10).

Please complete all sections.

Any queries please contact the OSNotts co-ordinator or your local contact as set out in the pdf document OSN 2018 – Call for Artists.


    1) All fields marked * MUST be filled in.
    2) When you 'Submit' the form you must WAIT for the on-screen confirmation message to appear - or the submission may fail and you will need to start again.


  • Group Contact Details

  • Group Event Details





  • A registration fee of £60 is due from all participating groups by 8 Jan 2018.
    Please pay by direct transfer to the following:
    • Account name: OPEN STUDIOS NOTTS
    • Account No: 00989447
    • Sort Code: 30-95-88
    • Bank: TSB, Castlegate Newark
    • Ref: please give in form, OSN18-artists surname

    In addition, when the payment is made, please email confirmation of that payment to

    PLEASE NOTE: It may be possible to accept late applications - but an additional fee of £10 will be due from those groups.
  • 1) PLEASE ENSURE that the information provided is accurate and as requested - co-ordination of this initiative is an entirely voluntary exercise, so that we are seeking to be as efficient as possible in collating the information.
    2) ‘OPEN STUDIOS NOTTS’ is simply an umbrella ‘brand’ set up by a steering committee made up of volunteers to provide publicity for events run by artists and makers in the county – those EVENTS & ANY LIABILITY REMAIN ENTIRELY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ARTISTS/MAKERS running them.
    3) ARTISTS/MAKERS MUST OPEN AT DATES AND TIMES STATED by them on this form, for those events to succeed. Failure to do so will preclude artists from taking part in future events under the Open Studios Notts banner.
    4) CENTRAL PUBLICITY through web and print media can only provide a broad promotion of the events taking place. For individual events/artists, success in getting visitors depends as much on the actions you take to attract those visitors - and it is strongly suggested that you consider how you might further achieve this through your own advertising, leafleting, personal invitations, etc.
    5) IMPORTANT - By dating and returning the completed form you confirm that you will open your studio at the dates and times you have stated above, that you are happy for the information provided to be used in publicity material for Open Studios Notts 2018, that you agree to sharing your contact details with other participants of Open Studios Notts and that you agree to all the conditions stated here.
  • To submit this form:
    • Type in the Verification numbers.
    • Click the 'Submit' button - and WAIT for a message saying 'Your form was successfully submitted'.
    You should also receive an email confirmation with a copy of your completed form. IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE THESE MESSAGES PLEASE CONTACT US (SEE CONTACT PAGE).