Call for Artists 2018

Would you like to participate in Open Studios Notts 2018?

  1. Read below about what is involved (and you can download this as a pdf document: OSN 2018 – Call for Artists).
  2. Complete & submit the Artist Registration Form and pay the £20 fee, by 8 JAN 2018 (extended to 18 JAN 2018)

Please Note:

  • The OSNotts brochure and website are intended as a guide to events and a 2018 directory of Notts-based artists.
  • The idea is that each participating artist should have a brochure/directory entry that includes an image representing their work, a statement of the medium in which they work and their contact information (the website will also include an artists statement). Hence, each artist should submit an individual artist registration at the individual fee rate. Each registered artist can also be considered for our exhibition photography opportunity (see ‘Linked Exhibitions’ below).
  • However, group entry is another option for several artists at a single venue – in this option, the group will just have a single brochure/website entry, with up to two images, that describes the group event as a whole rather than detailing individual artists. Please contact us for more information.

Promoting the Open Studios Notts events is a collaborative effort by all the artists involved – to see what happened last year, how we did it and what it cost, you can download this pdf document: OSNotts 2017 Report – Summary.

Michael Trueman, OSNotts co-ordinator


Open Studios Notts 2018 is the 7th annual set of events. The aim once again is to create opportunities during May/June for visitors to meet artists and to discover their work and practices. Venues may take the form of:

  • Working Studios – individual artists opening their studio spaces.
  • Temporary workspaces in accessible venues – with small groups of artists demonstrating aspects of their practices.
  • Larger group/festival events – may be a studio colony, a festival, etc.

Artists will benefit from:

  • Promotion of their event in a printed brochure (circa 20,000 print run).
  • Promotion on the Open Studios Notts website throughout the year.
  • Promotion of their event at the library exhibitions.
  • Promotion of their event through social media.
  • Eligibility for selection to the exhibitions offer (see below).
  • Contact with other artists & makers and collaboration in putting on open studios event.
  • Advice and guidance (from organisers and other artists).

Linked Exhibitions, 27 April to 5 June – There will be two aspects to this:

  • INSPIRE: Culture, Learning & Libraries will work with a professional photographer to capture images of Open Studios artists & craftspeople at work in their studios & work spaces. The resulting photographs, alongside event information, will form exhibitions in BEESTON, ARNOLD and RETFORD Library Galleries. PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited space, artists expressing interest in this opportunity will go through a selection process.
  • Artists and craftspeople will also have an opportunity to be part of a ‘Meet the Artist’ programme and demonstration sessions within the gallery spaces during the exhibitions.

Please Note:

  • All the work of co-ordinating Open Studios Notts is carried out by a team of unpaid volunteers.
  • Fees are kept as low as possible and charged solely to cover material costs in promoting the artists events – specifically designing and printing c20,000 copies of the brochure, website hosting costs & signage.
  • It may be possible to accept late applications – an additional fee will be due of £10 per artist.



The essential idea behind Open Studios Notts is two-fold:

  • to create opportunities for visitors to meet artists and discover their work & practices.
  • to encourage co-operation & collaboration amongst the broad community of Nottinghamshire & Nottingham artists.

The initiative is volunteer led (with some support from INSPIRE and Nottingham City Council) – artists fees are kept as low as possible and are used entirely to cover the costs of designing and printing a brochure with a circa 20,000 run, web hosting costs, acquiring necessary insurance for the group and for printing signage for use by participating artists.

We urge participants to join as individual artists where possible, so that we can offer the public more information about you – by getting your individual practice specified on our 20,000 brochures and on the OSNotts website, and included in our social media campaigns. Group registration is also possible where appropriate.

A big part of the initiative is being part of a community of artists – offering and receiving mutual support in telling the world about your practices. Hence you are very much encouraged to make contact with nearby artists and to co-operate in publicising your event (circulating the brochures, putting up signage, contacting local media to get stories about your event published, sharing social media coverage, etc). It can even lead to collaborations and new friendships.

Whatever shape your event takes, OSNotts aims to:

  • Develop a wider arts offer to visitors in the county.
  • Develop an accessible event for new audiences.
  • Increase the visibility of creative practitioners.
  • Create opportunities for creative practitioners to meet their audience.
  • Create opportunities for sales – supporting the economic viability of creative businesses.

The practical upshot is that artists join in with promoting themselves and their work to a growing audience under the Open Studios Notts banner. Promotion takes the form of an OSNotts brochure and website, social media accounts (notably Facebook and Twitter), linked exhibitions and press releases to local media. All the artists involved actively cross-market each other’s activity. Participating artists are also encouraged to produce and distribute their own local flyer and to seek contact with local media to generate stories about their events.

Open Studios Notts is run entirely by volunteers from amongst the participating artists. These include local area contacts as detail in the pdf document: OSN 2018 – Call for Artists).