7 Open Studio Venues in Wollaton & Sneinton Market

In May, there are 7 Open Studio venues in Wollaton and Sneinton Market. Media include printmaking & books, sculpture, woodwork, puppet craft, ceramics, illustration, silk painting, textiles, papercutting & jewellery.

Wollaton-Sneinton Market Open Studios

See their listings at: www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019/nottingham-south

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Open Studios in Upton, Southwell & Lowdham are on 25-27 May …

Fourteen artists are taking part in open studios in Upton, Southwell & Lowdham this year. Meet the artists are at 4 studios in Upton, 5 in Southwell and 1 in Lowdham and discover their work in a range of media – paintings, sculpture, ceramics, woodcraft, conceptual art, photography & textiles.

Upton-Southwell-Lowdham Studios

See their listings at: www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019/upton-southwell-lowdham

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Meet artists in Newark and Thorpe

You can meet these artists in Newark and Thorpe during May/June – 11 artists working with paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics and textile art plus the written word.

Artists in Newark & Thorpe

See their listings at: www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019/newark-thorpe

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Collingham Open Studios is on 25-27 May …

The Collingham Open Studios trail is on 25-27 May – with 10 artists in the villages of Collingham, Thorney & North Clifton.

Collingham Open Studios

See their listings at: www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019/collingham-open-studios

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Meet Artists and Ceramicists at Thoresby Park in June …

Two artists at Thoresby Park (Dawn Idalia & Alexandra Parkinson) are opening their studios in June alongside a kiln firing and participatory Raku event by the Sherwood Forest Wood Firing Society.

Thoresby Park

See their listings at: www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019/north-notts

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Artists doing Open Studios in South Notts …

These are the artists opening their studios in South Notts this year. There are 8 venues – in Aslockton, Bingham, Cotgrave, Keyworth, Hickling, Hickling Pastures, Sutton Bonington and Barton in Fabis. Media include textiles, woodwork, watercolour & oil painting, felt making, printing, paper cutting, drawing, ink drawings …

South Notts Artists

See their listings at: www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019/south-notts

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The Gedling Artists are in Mapperley this year …

The ‘Gedling Artists’ group are holding their event in Mapperley this year – 12 artists at St Judes  Church Hall on 25 May. All the artists will be showing their work and demonstrating aspects of their making processes.

Gedling Artists

See their listings at: www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019/nottingham-north

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Open Studios in West Notts this year …

In West Notts there are three grouping of artists taking part in Open Studios Notts 2019 in May/June – 3 artists in Mansfield/Kirkby-in Ashfield, 7 in the Hidden Valleys Art Trail and 3 in Giltbrook & Kimberley … Listings here on our website at www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019/west-notts


Hidden Valleys Art Trail

Giltbrook & Kimberley

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Thanks to ‘The Bramley’ newspaper …

Our thanks to the ‘The Bramley’ newspaper for including this piece about our upcoming open studios … See the full listings here on our website at www.osnotts.co.uk/open-studios-notts-2019

The Bramley Newspaper

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Open Studios Notts 2019 Brochure

The Open Studios Notts 2019 brochure is now available – find it in Nottinghamshire libraries and other outlets around the county, the city and beyond. You can also view the full brochure and download it as a pdf file from our OSNotts 2019 brochure tab.

OSNotts 2019 brochureThe brochure detail events involving over 250 artists, many opening their studios for you to visit, some guesting with other artists, some in small group events and some in larger festivals – all are there for you to meet, view their work and learn about their practices.

We also have three linked exhibitions at Retford, Mansfield Central and Beeston libraries running from 27 April to 6 June. These are of images of artists working in their studios around Nottinghamshire and Nottingham. The exhibitions are courtesy of Inspire: Culture|Learning|Libraries and the photographs are taken by Notts photographer Neil Pledger.

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